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First Tarawih salaah (prayers)

Tarawih salaah is prayed in pairs of two and can be prayed in at least 20 rakaah according to the two major Immaams – Abu Hanifah (Hanafis) and Imaam Shafi’ee (Shaafis). Alhamdulillah (All praise is due to Allah alone) who has granted me the opportunity once again to make the first tarawih salaah. It is only through the mercy of Allah that we have been given such an auspicious month. The atmosphere changes immediately and calmness descends on our lands. The Shayateen are locked up therefore in this month we are left to our own devices. What we do wrong comes from us. Who knows us better than our creator? Allah alone has chosen this month in order for us to take stock, realise our shortfalls, accept them and then dedicate this time to change. Whether it’s our lack of salaah, Quraan reading or a simple thing like respect, now is the time to take heed and better ourselves.

I’ve just come back from a packed masjid. Every row was filled. The spirit of Ramadhaan filled the air. I can only hope and pray that it stays that way throughout the month and not left for the last 10 nights again. May Allah accept our humble efforts for improvement and grant us the dedication to make every salaah in the masaajid, every tarawih salaah and increase our Quraan reading.

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