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Final Exams 2010 / 1431 AH

As Salaamu Alaykum

Final Exams for the year 2010 / 1431 AH is underway (for grades 3 and up). We know that exams have come in between Eid ul Adha, there is nothing you can do but STUDY! Please kids, study! Afterall it’s not like you have to prepare the Eid lunch. The parents, mums however DO.
So mums, I know that you have alot on your plate, but revision of madrasah work IS VERY IMPORTANT. Please find the time and be disciplined yourself to facilitate revision with your child / children. Most kids are not just going to studiously take their books out and revise without supervision of the parent. Parents usually have to talk till they’re blue in the face… That’s normal kids for you. So parents, although you are not the one’s writing the exam, you have to study with your kids if you want discipline in your child’s life and good results.

May Allah make it easy on all the parents out there.
Was Salaam

Mu’allimah Sa’uda

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