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Edris Khamissa talks on Father-Son Relationships

Edris Khamissa talks on Father-Son Relationships

“Celebrate one another before it’s too late”. Edris Khamissa will be addressing fathers and sons in Newcastle, Northern KZN this Friday In-shaa Allah.

Too many fathers are tied up in their businesses giving little or no attention to their children, especially their sons. Young teenage boys look up to their fathers, often idealise them, as they search for models to guide them through their identity confusion. By middle adolescence, boys often become much more critical of their fathers, paving the way for yet another change in late adolescence, when boys tend to not only distance themselves from their dads but devalue parental authority.

Guys I’m sure you will be available at this time. Entrance is free, so no excuses. Mr. Khamissa will ensure and informative and entertaining presentation that is sure to make you think long and hard at your relationship with your father and/or son.

Edris Khamissa is a well known international educationist and trainer who has conducted workshops / seminars in South Africa,Nigeria,Zambia, Australia, United Kingdom, North America,Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates. He is an excellent motivational speaker who has tremendous faith in man’s capacity to make a change. His attendees find his programmes life-changing. What permeates the workshop is his passion and commitment. His anecdotes together with his knowledge make his presentations animated and insightful. He is actively involved in empowering the communities with knowledge and skills in the following areas: Parenting
Youth Development
Curriculum Development
Staff Development
Business Training
You can Contact Edris by emailing him on ehk@mweb.co.za

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