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Eat of the Pure

Eat of the Pure

With the recall of its Halaal department the Jamiatul Ulama (KZN) has now extended its activities to encompass amongst other things, Halaal certification as well as approval and endorsement of establishments and products certified by other organizations.

One of the foremost and primary observations made by the Jamiat’s Halaal department was, that an atmosphere of carelessness and carelessness with regards to Halaal consumption is prevalent among the general Muslim public.

Carelessness and negligence in the consumption of doubtful or Haraam food is a definite sign that there is spiritual weakness. Undoubtedly if this state persists, the day will arrive in a person’s life when Halaal and Haraam will eventually be regarded as something inconsequential. One observes the increasing number of Muslims that have taken to eating out at food outlets, without confirming whether these outlets are Halaal or not, it seems that this is a trend that is growing fast amongst Muslims these days.

Muslims nowadays feel that as long as a person is unaware of a substance being Haraam, the consumption of that item will not cause harm to him. This is totally incorrect. The effects of Haraam are felt, whether consumed knowingly or unknowingly. It is very much like eating or drinking poison. Does the absence of knowledge of a poisonous substance, negate the effect of the poison?

Islam has always emphasized great precaution with regard to whatever is consumed. The incident regarding Hadrat Abu Bakr Radiyallaahu anhu and his regurgitating of the milk is very famous. One would do well to take cognizance of his remarks at that juncture. He is reported to have said :

“I would have thrust it out even if I had to lose my life. I have heard the Holy Prophet Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam saying, “The flesh nourished by Haraam food, is destined for the fire of hell”.

Hadrat Abu Bakr Radiyallaahu anhu says : “I therefore made haste to vomit this morsel lest any portion of my body should receive nourishment from it”.

In short, nothing is to be consumed without carefully studying its source and ingredients.

Today under the guise of “Halaal”, dubious Halaal certificates are waved in the faces of unsuspecting, gullible or indifferent Muslim patrons. Those Muslim patrons are more than happy at this dubious assurance and buy and eat unhesitatingly.

The situation has deteriorated to such a level that nowadays Haraam is something that is common and rife. People are hardly shocked or perturbed when something is discovered as being Haraam,  even though they may have been consuming such an item for a long time. No remorse or even a pang of guilt crosses the heart. A Muslim’s Imaan should be  such that if he were to place a morsel of doubtful food into his mouth, he becomes uneasy, and would rather abstain instead of harming his Imaan.

Hadrat Sa’aad bin Abi Waqaas Radiyallaahu anhu said, “O Rasullullah Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam make Duaa that Allah Ta’ala makes me of those whose Duaas are answered”. Rasullullah Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam replied: “O Sa’aad keep your food pure and Halaal and you will become of those whose Duaas are answered. I swear by Him in whose Hand the life of Muhammad sallallaahu alaihi wasallam lies, that when a man casts one morsel of Haraam food into his stomach, the righteous deeds of his shall not be accepted for forty days.

In another Hadeeth, Hadrat Abu Bakr Radiyallaahu anhu reports that Rasulullaah Sallallaahu alaihi wasallam  said, “A body which has been nourished by unlawful things shall never enter Jannah”.

Thus it is with great concern and distress  that the Jamiat  urges the Muslim community to become more vigilant, take every precaution, be more careful and make a thorough investigation  before consuming.

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