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There are 5 types of tawaaf: (1) Welcome tawaaf (Tawaaf ul-Qudoom); (2) Umrah tawaaf; (3) Tawaaf for Hajj (also known as Tawaaf ul-Hajj, Tawaaf uz-Ziayarah or Tawaf-al-Ifadah); (4) Farewell Tawaaf (Tawaaf ul-Widaa); (5) Optional tawaaf (nafl tawaaf).

The Welcome tawaf (Tawaf-al-Qudoom) is performed by those performing the Ifraad and Qiraan methods of Hajj.

Ihraam garb for males is wearing two unsewn pieces of white cloth. His right shoulder will be open (idhtibaa), and he will walk briskly during the first 3 rounds/shawts (ramal). This is required for the Tawaaf Qudoom and the Tawaaf of ‘Umrah. Several male pilgrims do not wear their ihraam clothes correctly. It is a common sight to see them in ihraam with their awrah exposed! Men should always take precaution that the ihraam always stays in place. This can be difficult at times as there is nothing like elastic or a seam keeping the Ihraam together.

Ihraam, idhtibaa and ramal are not necessary for the compulsory Tawaaf uz-Ziyaarah, Tawaaf ul Widaa and Nafl Tawaaf as the pilgrim is out of Ihraam when making these Tawaafs.

Farewell tawaaf is the last act to be performed before leaving Makkah.

Nafl tawaaf may be performed at any time and as many times as possible. This is the best ‘ibaadah after salaah with jama’ah (congregation) in the Haram. It is superior to nafl salah in the Haram. There is no sa’ee after nafl tawaaf.

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