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Countdown to Hajj 1431 A.H

Soon Muslims all across the world will gather to undertake one of the greatest journeys of their lives- the Hajj. Many have already left, others will join later. People of all classes and races standing in front of Allah…
EQUAL before HIM.

Indeed it is not your wealth status or your physique and looks that Allah cares for but your righteousness and piety. The pilgrims will sacrifice their comforts, some will be away from their families. For many the hajj in it’s self will be a tough journey regardless of their families. It is about being focused, having strength, both physical and mental, and good health ofcourse. Money, although being a necessity for the hajj doesn’t match up to the strength and determination you require to complete Tawaaf uz Ziyaarah for example. At the end of it all, it is not your money that ensures your Hajj is maqbool (accepted). Wealth is merely a means. How many times a person said Labbaik to the call of Prophet Ibraheem (Alayhis Salaam), that is how many times Allah willed him to perform Hajj. We must strive and endeavour to perform a perfect Hajj (not cause harm to fellow pilgrims and not break any laws of Allah). Then we can only pray that Allah accepts our Hajj as a righteous, accepted Hajj. That is the ultimate… for who doesn’t desire to return sinless as the day his mother gave birth to him!

May Allah accept us all to make Hajj, visit Masjid an Nabawi and ofcourse the Baitullah in Makkah Mukarramah.

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