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Angel over Kaaba – NOT REAL !!

There has been an email going around of a video from YOUTUBE claiming that the camera man has captured an angel flying over the Kaaba. It is a really disturbing fact that so many muslims look for unrealistic and fake claims to boost their Imaan (faith). The video above makes such claims that the light flying around is an angel and at the end shows a picture of a bird over the Kaaba – again claiming that it is a captured frame of an angel.

Allah says in the Quraan: “This is the book in which there is no doubt, a guide to ward off evil. Who believe in the unseen…” We are those who believe in the unseen and that is enough for us. Allah does not need to show us angels and the unseen for us to believe – The Quraan and the life of Nabi (SAW) is enough. Stick with that and it is ALL you will ever need.

Now back to the video, lets analyse it from a professional point of view:
1. All cameras have concave lenses and because these lenses are made of glass they easily reflect light and at certain angles display the spectrum of light. Sometimes we see all 7 (ROYGBIV) colours while other times we see just a halo.

2. Im Macca there are tons of really bright lights at night that are very easily reflected off the lenses creating spectacular effects that seem to be outside of the camera – these can only be seen when viewed through the lens of the camera.

3. The halo or light effect will follow the lens but eventually fade away depending on the angle of the lens. Most times if there are more than one light then the effect is again picked up from another light source creating a continuation of the first effect.

4. In the video, notice how there are 4 halos but come into one – this is from the four bright lights straight ahead. When the camera is at horizon line level they merge into one halo – this is because of the level the camera is with the lights. When the camera drops lower than the level of the lights it becomes a bigger halo again.

5. The man in the video is a joke – there is NO PROOF that he is actually looking at the halo effect. This is added footage from another video at that specific time frame creating a sense of excitement.

6. In the second shot the same man briefly walks away as if he is uninterested about the halo. If an angel appears in front of you or in the sky do you think you will look away and continue walking?

7. The video pans down at those making Tawaaf. Do you see anyone pointing or looking at the sky? Most people will be so terrified that they will run and scatter. That’s because no-one else can see the “angel” but the man behind the camera.

8. Now for the best part – the bird, sorry Angel. Anyone who uses Adobe Photoshop or has any experience in photo retouching will point out that the bird is super imposed over the Kaaba. The angle, lighting, drop shadow is all terribly done. It’s amazing how this angel is so blurred in the sky but yet there is absolutely NO footage of it flying over the Kaaba clearly – only a terrible Photoshop image is captured.

9. Playing some qiraat from Abdul Basit over the footage really brings out the amazement – trying to show how powerful the footage is. Why not use the real audio also captured from the camera so that we can all hear the people screaming, saying Allahu Akbar or at least one person saying “Look theres an angel in the sky”.

10. I’m tired of typing out the flaws of this video of which I haven’t even touched on the Islamic part of it. Can you find more flaws – I’m sure you can. Let us know.

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