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Africa1 Land Convoy reaches Palestine

“The Big Day Has Arrived! Dressed in their bright yellow Africa 1 T-Shirts, assembled in the reception area of the Movenpick Resort and empowered with a mandate to break the siege, participants this morning are eagerly awaiting the start of the final leg of their epic journey towards Gaza” (Ebrahim Moosa, Cii Presenter)

The Africa1 Land Convoy reached Palestine on Monday, 29 August 2011. As the news came through, the rooms resounded with “Allahu-Akbar!”, tears of joy and sighs of relief. Last night was Laylatul Jaa-izah for those in Eqypt, Palestine and surrounding areas and what a night of prize-giving it was for the 100 humanitarian aid volunteers of the convoy who reached Gaza.
The convoy of Shaykh Walid As Sa’di entered a few days ago already. Yesterday, the convoy crossed the Suez canal into the Sinai. From al Arish they they entered Gaza as the athaan for maghrib was being called. Immigration officials embraced members of the convoy. It was dark and the children came out of their homes to greet the convoy. Loud chants of the Eid Takbeer filled the bus as they passed through Khan Younis refugee camp where children were playing outside with candles. And on the night of Laylatul Jaa-izah, they entered Gaza! Children came up to freely take the hand of Palestinian Prime minister Ismail Haniyeh who congratulated the convoy at a reception at his Masjid earlier. He shared the podium with Moulana Igsaan Hendriks, head of the convoy.

I sobbed uncontrollably in gratitude to Allah, imagining the jubilant faces of the Gazan children that was one of grief not so long ago. Eid surprise for Gaza’s kids. A colourful lorry driven by ‘cartoon characters’ drives through the streets of Gaza playing Eid songs. It stops over every few blocks to be greeted by groups of excited children who they give little balloons or chocolates. They stop over at our hotel to gives us some too.”Ebrahim Moosa (Cii reporter)

What a triumph Allah has allowed us. So many hearts who yearned to be with are still with the people of Palestine and everyone who was part of this, in spirit and du’a.

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