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99 Names of Allah Frame Assignment

Students were given an optional task of creating a frame choosing one of the Asma al Husnaa (beautiful Names of Allah). The assignment facilitator was our arts and crafts teacher Faheemah Docrat and it was supervised by myself. Students were judged on creativity, presentation, (of actual frame and speech on what the name meant as well as how they perceived the meaning of the specific name). I was stunned by the creativity of the students. I am glad that after this assignment, students will never forget the name of Allah that they chose for the frame.

Students were awarded certificates of participation as well as prizes for “Most Creative”. Awards of 1st, 2nd and 3rd place were based on the student doing her own work as well as the speech and presentation.
Subhaanallah, they really went all out. I am so proud of them.
Visit the Gallery-Calligraphy for pictures of the frames at http://www.ummulhasanaat.co.za/gallery?album=1&gallery=5&nggpage=2

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